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A self trained artist , Thom Lupari has been creating works of fine art since his teen age years in New York City. His talent is a GOD given gift. He paints from inner inspiration, letting the painting take him where IT wants to go. This style of painting allows the Universal energy to flow through the artist, giving access to an infinite field of creativity; It is sometimes called Channeling. A painting may start out with one intention in mind, and end up being something altogether different. The result is an energetic expression of Spirit. It is for this reason that Thom's work has its own unique style and quality A lot of his paintings are created using a glazed technique, as was used by Rembrandt and other renaissance artists. With over 100 layers of translucent paint applied to the canvas, this technique gives the painting a luminescent quality not seen in most other paintings. When viewed under the proper lighting each lawyer plays its part in creating the color composition on the canvas and reflects it back to the viewer. The combination of all those layers of paint interacting with each other results in a brilliant display of color, and gives the painting a rich quality of depth.
Thom works in Oil, Acrylic and other media. After spending many years in the theatre and television industry, designing and painting props and sets, Thom is now a full time fine artist creating paintings and three dimensional works of art in his studio.

Thom is proficient in trompe l'oeil ,murals, paper sculpture and computer graphics. He is available for commission works throughout the United States.


Lone Palm by Thomas Lupari


Brick by Thomas Lupari


Trompe L'oeil Column by Thomas Lupari


Conch Shell by Thomas Lupari


You're A star by Thomas Lupari


Trum L'oeil.Star Fish by Thomas Lupari


Shell collage by Thomas Lupari


Resting Place by Thomas Lupari


Trompe L'oeil Plants by Thomas Lupari


Passage by Thomas Lupari


Namaste by Thomas Lupari


MISSING YOU by Thomas Lupari


Mailbox Cameo by Thomas Lupari


Hi there by Thomas Lupari


North Star by Thomas Lupari


Northern Lights by Thomas Lupari


Puggsley Christmas by Thomas Lupari


Holiday Lights by Thomas Lupari


Holiday Fun by Thomas Lupari


String of lights by Thomas Lupari


Tropical Christmas by Thomas Lupari


Festive holiday by Thomas Lupari


Winter Wonderland by Thomas Lupari